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Health Benefits of Zrii™ Ingredients, The Chopra Center Endorsed Amalaki Juice

Zrii is a fresh and a very effectual nutrition drink that finds its roots in the old sapience of Ayurveda. Made of amalaki and many other important ingredients, Zrii is plenteous in inhibitors, free-base salvaging polyphenols and also Vitamin C.

Amalaki: This is a strong, non-inflammative herb. It increases the yield of RBC’s (red blood cells) within the body, intensifies teeth, nails and the hair. Its use also applies to enhance mass of the lean body and can be used as a tool for managing weight.

By increasing the level of protein, amalaki avoids excessive fatness which it owes to its ability to empower a good balance of nitrogen and reduce the degree of free fatty acids. Also, in either the crude or general form, amalaki diminishes the levels of cholesterol, and also its caused coronary artery disease, thus making is adept to battle fatness.

Turmeric: This enhances the digestive system and intestines, circulates and controls inner-inflammation, defends the heart, maintains level of cholesterol, and extends support to the liver and the joints.

Tulsi: As with tumeric, it enhances the digestive system and the intestines, gets blood sugar back to normal by constantly regulating it, shoots up energy level, is good for the eyes, the kidney, the urinary tract, adrenal gland, the nervous system (very useful for asthma and bronchitis patients) and the respiratory system. In addition, it also brings stability in cholesterol levels, and improves the immune system.

Ginger: This improves the digestive power by absorbing and assimilating nutrients, backs circulation and joints, cleans the colon, brings to normal the body temperature, and improves the immune system.

Haritaki: It maintains as a soft detoxification agent, nurtures the tissues, assists in managing weight and improves eyesight, shoots up energy levels, provides support to the nervous and the immune system, provides positive effects to the skin, and is useful for patients of asthma and bronchitis.

Schizandra: It helps soothe the nerves, has effects of antioxidation and detoxification, is non-inflammable, it provides assistance to cells, provides relief to symptoms of menopause, increases the mental condition and activity, braces the nervous system, respiratory system, the liver, kidney, urinary tract and the adrenalins in the body. It is also good for the eyes, and it curbs allergy, and protects the heart, besides getting the blood pressure to normal.

Jujube: It supports and embraces the digestive system, and has soft regenerating effects. It soothes the nerves, besides actively supporting the liver and the heart.

To sum up, Zrii has all the components that can benefit each and every part of your body. By consuming Zrii, rest assured, you’ll have a powerful nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, glandular, urinary and skeletal systems in your body!

A few helpful notes:

  • Of the innumerable herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that have in it the sheltering antioxidant power of Vitamin C in its true form (which is not the synthetic ascorbic acid), Amalaki is said to be the biggest origin in the world at large!
  • Of the contents that help restore the balance of the body, adaptogens are the most noteworthy. The enhance the ability of the body to resist the physical, mental, biological and the environmental stress and give a defensive action to chronic and acute stress. Only 21 adaptogens are recognized in the world, which has Schizandra, Tulsi and amalaki.
  • As per the Ayurveda, the herbs of Rasayana are revitalizing, restoring and helps avoid illness. They can be consumed over and over again, due to lack of any side-effects. Of the total of 13 herbs in this slot, amalaki, Tulsi and tumeric are 3 of these.
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Zrii™: Drink A True Ayurvedic Amalaki Juice Formulation and Be Healthy!

There is an incredible new health juice being produced by a new network marketing company led by none other than Bill Farley, one of, if not the best of, America’s leading businessmen. The main ingredient in Zrii juice is Amalaki, which is also known in India as Amla. For the more botanically advanced of you reading this, it’s biological name is Embilica officinalis. What we are most interested in here is the fruit produced by this small to medium sized deciduous tree of the same name. This seasonal fruit ripens in the fall when it is round and light green to almost yellow in color. Amalaki looks like the common gooseberry found in America and Europe, however, it’s produced by a totally different plant. Amalaki became known as the Indian gooseberry simply because of its appearance. The fruit actually has an astringent, bitter and sour taste and is difficult to eat raw. This is why it’s best if it’s used in mildly processed forms, such as Zrii juice. Grown principally in India and Nepal due to suitable climatic conditions, this tropical tree does not bear fruit for its first three years, but after that, it bears fruit for up to 70 years. In Hinduism, the Amalaki tree is sacred and is fondly referred to as the “Nurse” or “Mother” for its healing properties.

The chemical components of Amalaki include gibberellins, lupeol, Phyllantine, zeatin, alkaloids, flavonoids and polyphenols; several benzenoids are also present. Amalaki also contains a significant amount of Vitamin C. There is no better natural nor more concentrated source of Vitamin C known to be in existence. One gram of Amalaki juice provides the vitamin C content of over 20 oranges! Amalaki fruit provides you with 3000mg of Vitamin C, so you’d have to eat thirty cups of strawberries to equal what Amalaki provides you in just one piece of fruit! Amalaki also has several antioxidants: one of the most powerful antioxidants is called superoxdide dismutase. It also contains another especially powerful antioxidant known as tannin: this is what produces the astringent taste in this fruit.

Amalaki is a main ingredient in the ancient “Rayasana” branch of Ayurvedic medicine. This is an ancient form of healing that deals with rejuvenation and longevity tonics that are said to give a long life free of disease, a powerful memory, intelligence, youth and vitality. Amalaki is the main ingredient in Chyvan Prash, an herbal jelly that is the most useful and popular of the “Rayasana” and is taken daily by all who can afford it in India (especially if they are over the age of forty ). If it’s been used for over 5000 years, it must be something that works!

Research scientists have found that, Amalaki, the main ingredient in Zrii juice, contains a highly balanced range of antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids The developers of Zrii juice have ensured that by using it as the main ingredient, the wonderful benefits of Amalaki are now available worldwide.

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Where does Zrii™, The Original Amalaki Juice™, Get Headed?

As far as lexicon is concerned, the powerful and distinctively memorable word Zrii, denotes something of wealth, fortune, prosperity, splendor, beauty and light. In an other way round, it also symbolizes a Hindu Goddess of wealthy fortune and auspiciousness. In Charaka Samhita, which is often considered to be one of the oldest and sacred texts in the realm of ayurveda, this Goddess and amalaki get mingled. A translation from the original Sanskrit in Charaka Samhita reads that consuming amalaki throughout a life span exerts an immense impact on the living for many thousand a years maintaining the youth for a human being. He becomes brilliant by consuming it as far his capacity. Due to its use, Goddess like Sri (Zrii), the Goddess of auspiciousness, or the Vedas of knowledge or the Vak of excellent speech visits him as attending spirits.

Zrii: A truly expensive brand to make and unique in its name.

Zrii’s light, beauty and luster are truly responsible for wealth, good fortune and prosperity, simply as its definition suggests. Being a liquid nutritional product for the refreshment of next generation, it offers brilliance for those who are in quest of it. For its true brilliance, Zrii promotes chances to generate wealth which gets refuge in the limelight for its revolutionary compensation plan and this plan has given way to many incentives for you in order to generate residual income for you while simultaneously developing the inherent leading figure in you.

Zrii is solely responsible to carry out the visionary world of the endorsement of Chopra center and Bill Farley to make the world acquainted with it. Zrii’s attraction is undeniable because the people having terms with it are raising their life-standard. Zrii eyes toward a big-time globalized success.

Zrii looks to have partner having a broad mind and willing to work as a unit because Zrii wants to promote the culture of Ojas-overall happiness for everyone of this world irrespective of their origin.

Zrii can provide you with financial independence. It does not investigate your previous income or any other special education. It only looks forward to a person having an earnest desire to success, a morality and possession of positive attitude. Zrii cooperates the people willing to proceed in this sphere by its dynamic experienced field leadership. Zrii has no limit to itself and we are truly enthusiastic about this business and our enthusiasm is spontaneous.

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The Zrii™ Phenomenon

Zrii’s story which uplifts your spirits, endows you with your utmost willingness to succeed actually derives from the vision of an American businessman named William F. Farley.

Bill Farley’s achievement overwhelms any other success and can hardly be a parallel to any other success. Bill’s upbringing with his loving parents in Pawtucket was not lavish and it made him introduced to the virtues of hard labor and discipline. Bill had to assist his family in his young age, as he was the son of a working mother and postal working father who later got moonlighted as a musician. His brilliance as a student distinguished himself and he got admission in Bowdain college of Maine and achieved a law degree from Boston College.

Bill stepped in the huge world of business banking with positions at NL Industries in New York City and Lehman brothers in Chicago but whose first experience in business was as trivial as selling encyclopedias from door to door.

Anaheim Citrus products was the first company for Bill Farley to buy for $25,000 in 1976 whose helping hand for his investment clients was an unique characteristic. His first success was to sell this company for $10 million. The early 80’s gave him the Fruit of the Loom and Bill served as President and CEO for 15 years. Fruit of the Loom’s parent and Farley Enterprises were solely responsible for the worldwide employment of 65000 people with annual revenues near $5 billion.

The sphere of Bill’s companies is as broad as anything, which expands from apparel to mining, to railroads, to nutrition and direct sales.

Bill was a part owner of Chicago White Sox in 1976 and it reflects his competitive mind in the world of sports as well.

Bill is a person who never got his face turned back from risks and it becomes justified as he himself says that others can be as successful as him but they could hardly get rid of their fears and take up risks involved in life.

The Horatio Alger Association of distinguished Americans inducted him in 1986 as he was endowed with the Horatio Alger Award in the same year. Anyone can bring positive changes in his life by working hard and making proper use of the opportunities coming his way, this is the principle of life according to Bill and this gets reflected in his getting this award.

Bill’s extensive developmental work is, indeed, the outcome of the natural byproduct of his worldwide business success. He serves as a helping hand to many ranging from athletes to politicians, and what not. But, Bill is also known for extending his aid to subdued classes- be it educational aspect or anything else.

Today, success as an entrepreneur reminds Bill’s legacy. Bill’s time is now largely spent to uphold other’s brilliance and this is truly remarkable.

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What Exactly is Zrii™?

Zrii has been started by Bill Farley, who has launched such successful enterprises such as Fruit of the Loom. Zrii is a company which has made a nutritional supplement which has a tested Ayurvedic herb as its most important ingredient, and Zrii has also been approved by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

The owner of Zrii, Bill Farley, is creating waves with the innovative way in which he’s leading multilevel marketing. Zrii has primarily to do with making life prosperous, abundant and long. Zrii is a strong Sanskrit word which alludes to a Hindu goddess of wealth and affluence, and which means ‘light, luster, richness, paragon, good fortune, prosperity, and wealth’.

The Charaka Samhita is considered to be the oldest and most sacred of all the Ayurvedic texts, and it says that this goddess and amlaki are closely connected. After translating from the original Sanskrit of the Charaka Samhita, we learn that:

Most people today know nothing about the Ayurvedic tradition even though they have heard popular terms such as ‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Ayurvedic antiseptic’. The origin of the amalaki fruit and Ayurveda goes back to the centuries old history of India. Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’ when translated from Sanskrit. Born in 1917, Mahesh Yogi, renowned for popularizing Transcendental Meditation to the West, is also well-known and admired for creating an awareness and interest in the Ayurvedic tradition in the West.

The vital features of Ayurveda involve creating a balance between the energies of a person through his diet, herbs and way of living. Every individual is divided into three basic types based on the ‘dosha’ which guides them. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three doshas governing people. Vata is aware of space and air and rules the resistance movement of the mind and body. Pitta is made of water and fire and guides the metabolism, sensory awareness and heat. Kapha is composed of water and a crowd of swinish qualities.

The fruit of the amalaki tree is an extremely useful Ayurvedic herb, and it is said that the amla amalaki is the most valuable universal super food credited to phytonutrients eaten for revitalizing one’s health. The amalaki fruit comes from northern India and thrives at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Its dietary properties are famous for being excellent.

Amla is known as amalaki in Sanskrit and in the West as the Indian gooseberry. It is found in tropical regions and is a deciduous tree which thrives in warm conditions. It is a medium sized tree but the benefits it provides are innumerable. It is one of the best anti-oxidants anywhere in the world.

Amalaki, also sometimes called the ‘fruit of enchantment’ or the ‘rejuvenator’, is at the core of Ayurveda, which is a five thousand year old medical system, as it advocates the most important herb for leading to immunity, increase in bodily vitality, and revival of strength. It is also a valuable anti-inflammatory, helpful for digestion, supplement for making hair and skin very healthy and glowing.

Zrii Is A New MLM Founded By Bill Farley And Backed By The Chopra Center

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Zrii™- An Ayurvedic Amalaki Formulation Like No Other

The Ayurveda texts are sacred texts which date back to thousands of years ago. Ayurveda was a medical discipline which began around five thousand years ago. The Ayurvedic texts are the most ancient and the longest medical texts around. This impressive collection of texts includes a lot of skillfully treated herbal mixtures which are each intended to open up the complete potency of a particular fruit or herb. In a nutshell, the useful qualities of one plant are targeted to make the beneficial qualities of another plant potent. It is through this type of synergistic process that the full healing effect of Ayurveda is realized.
Due to its amazing nutritional benefits, amlaki holds its own place at the top of the Ayurvedic herbs and it is considered to be a super food second to none. When creating Zrii, the amlaki fruit could have been mixed with only fruit juices making a healthy liquid drink.

However, when the Zrii team was learning about Ayurveda’s origin, the texts, and formulations, they wondered whether combining the ancient art of Ayurveda with modern dietary science could produce a synergistic mixture unparalleled in the nutritional market. If amlaki were combined with other fruit juices, then the effectiveness of amlaki would be released in certain ways which fruit juices alone could not reach. Bill Farley, the owner of the company which created Zrii, along with his management team rapidly realized that planning this mixture was far easier than actually being able to design and produce this complex formulation.

Apart from the challenge posed by the creation of the powerful synergistic mixture, there was no other company in the market which had made use of amlaki effectively in a juice-based system. In an effort to realize this task and rise to the challenge, Zrii created a strong team of top-notch experts. This team included Western medical doctors who had won awards for their performance, famous Ayurvedic scholars and physicians, and PhDs in modern nutrition and chemistry. The team spent many months trying out different combinations in order to the create the amlaki and fruit juice blend, and finally came up with a formulation which included amlaki and six other ‘actives’ which would support it and help to unlock its potency.

The Zrii team followed the hallowed Ayurvedic formulation which comprised of the botanical trio of amlaki, turmeric and tulsi. They also wished to have a global influence by the blend they would create. Apart from basing their formulation on this triad, they also drew inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, because of the very harmonizing and adoptogenic features which the fruits jujube and schizandra share with amlaki. Also, the famous ayurvedic fruit haritaki was added to the mixture due to its slight detoxifying properties and ginger was also added because it helps to digest all these ingredients well. These 6 actives are valuable in themselves apart from ‘potentizing’ amlaki. Tulsi improves digestion and intestinal health, turmeric improves circulation and digestion, jujube calms the nerves, schizandra improves cerebral function and memory.

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Zrii is based on the fruit of the old fruit of the ayurveda practices by the medical India, amalaki. Zrii is a liquid nutrition preparation. The fruit is a very strong one, which is picked by hand, pressed with cold, and then combined with six abiding actives and inhibitors, which results in high-content juices promoting cellular greening, improved functioning of the immune and enhanced energy.

For people looking to get rich overnight, this is not the lane to enter. But if you are willing to struggle for your desire to be financially free, and are ready to be disciplined in your approach along with having patience, Zrii is just the place for you.

The commencement of the road to financial freedom is planning a due course. “The One Global Wellness system”, as we call it here. This system was made by highly competent, qualified and technical people at the executive level of the Zrii team. It is a comprehensive online marketing system whereby you can track, sift, sort and follow up with all of your prospects. It allows you to only spend your time with qualified prospects. It also gives you state of the art training on how to build your business through the internet. Ask your enroller about this system, and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom by studying, learning and living it!

The Zrii Prosperity Plan is the all-important aspect of this system mentioned above. The Zrii Prosperity Plan, as mentioned, blends tested and dynamic wealth-generating faculties that haven’t existed in the world as a single unit combined together into an official income-generating module. Most of these earning programmes offer good options at random, but never have they combined into such an explosive outcome before. The plans of the Zrii cover many options – the quick 3-month start, the Unilevel Royalty Bonus extending 9 months, the Infinity Bonus, the Matching Bonus, the remunerative Global Bonus Pools and also offers Multiple Business Centers. The instances for earning today and storing for the future are indeed many! By showing utmost patience and allegiance to the Zrii Prosperity Plan, financial independence is just knocking at your door!

Leadership, target, ethics, perseverance, timing, an adept vehicle, imagination and morale is all you need for financial independence, and Zrii provides all these to make sure that the acquisition cost of your distributor is kept at the minimum.

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